... magnesium and all the incredible things it does for us? I can't believe all the medical people just want to give prescriptions and not one mention of completely natural minerals that most of us are depleted of. I've been sick for years and getting worse. I can barely move and walk when I wake up. It takes half the day to just get to getting up and getting dressed. I'm always exhausted! I'm also extremely depressed. Big surprise eh? Magnesium can even fix that. I'm just getting started trying to look for ways to feel better and try to have a life again. If anyone out there has information they think will help, PLEASE let me know. This is ruining my life. I don't have much left but I would like a chance to live life again. To want to live. I'm reading every day. I have found some incredible info on magnesium and just found info on gallium nitrate healing arthritis. This stuff is amazing. So if you can help me speed up the process of helping myself, please do. I don't know how to get info back except to give my email which some might think crazy, but I'm relying on God to protect me. Please people, help me get get to the business of living. I'm tired of feeling like I'm dying
I came across George Eby. Pretty impressive things. Some try to say he's crazy, but his proof doesn't lie. Also his work is the reason all that zinc for colds is out there. So, I'm ready for some info people. Be glad to share what I have. Also, been feeling pretty alone. It seems when you get sick, you find out who your friends are. Not many I'm sad to say. I would never treat others that way. I have helped them and now they don't help me. It won't stop me caring for others. God put us here together. Why don't people help and care about each other so much any more? I own a business and am going to give someone one heck of a deal. Its literally turn key. I only want enough to get myself started over in another state where healthcare is more available and my best friend lives so I don't have to be alone. Being alone isn't good for your health either. I figure its worth handing over an established business doing very well. I only want about one fourth of what it makes a year. I'm serious. Anybody out there want a good living on a silver platter? Some really fortunate intelligent person is going to get it. BTW, its on an island near the beach in south Georgia. Beautiful Savannah! So, if you have info on how to help me heal myself or you want a successful established business for next to nothing, let me know. God bless us all. He blesses me every day. Maybe this is where I will find more blessings. Wishing you all good health and happiness!!!