On Saturday I went to the hair salon to get my hair done. The lady was being kind of rough with my head. She would slap the back of my head pretty hard every time she would brush it and the one time she hit the one side with the water hose when rinsing it. Ever since then I have been feeing strange. Really bad headache, tingling in arms and legs, extremely nauseous, and this overall fuzzy feeling of just not feeling right. I know these are general signs of a concussion but does that really sound possible from what happened?? I think it would be a good idea to let you know that I have previously suffered from 2 concussions that unfortunately lingered for quite some time and because of this suffer from PTSD. Any time someone touches my head I get kind of weird but never to the point of feeling like I have another one. I'm not sure if this just triggered my PTSD/Anxiety pretty bad or if something is actually going on. I also suffer from migraines (and recently came off of my medicine). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would go to my parents, but unfortunately they don't take me seriously in these cases as I do seem to cry wolf every time something like this happens, but this time I can't get myself off of the couch and I feel so crappy. Thank you