I have been on Viibryd since 2011, but was on and off until late 2013 when I began taking it consistently until 2 weeks ago. My depression began as post-pardum and then I left my now ex-husband and I suffered from depression horribly through this time. I reached a point where I was taking Viibryd 40 mg, 300 Welbutrin XR and then was put on Abilfy. At that time I decided this was insane and I wanted to get off of everything and start fresh to see if something else would help me without needing 3 pills a day. July 10th was the last day I took anything at all, Viibryd 10 mg was the last thing I was finishing up with, everything else was already done and out of my system.

Over the course of 3 years I have gained no less than 40 lbs and I just attributed my depression and poor eating habits, but in the last 6-months I have tried numerous things to lose weight that weren't fad diets and weren't quick fixes, only NOTHING made a difference, the number either rose or stayed the same. This week, after having not been on a scale in over a week due to moving, I get on and I am down more than 7 lbs just like that. It never once occurred to me that my viibryd could be the cause of my weight gain over the years, but now that this weight is falling off with no real effort, I have to truly wonder. I have seen a lot on here regarding the weight gain on viibryd, did anyone have this weight loss experience when coming off of the drug completely?