Hello, I have been on SSRI's and SNRI's for about 20 years total (different meds) and recently was on cymbalta for about 5 years, adding Wellbutrin the last year of that. Having gone up and down on the cymbalta and noticing for a long while it wasn't helping much with depression I went to Brintellex. I felt wonderful mentally when I started to get the cymbalta and Wellbutrin out of my system however I was very sick physically. I added back the Wellbutrin and I swear it seemed to go back to the same depressed way I had been feeling before I quit them. Since, I've been on a back and forth with the Wellbutrin, do I stick with it along with the Brintellex or quit it!!! I then see post after post on here about just about every antidepressant out there making someone's depression worse. Now I'm wondering if I need to just stop all of them? After 20 years, I am scared to death to stop and feel even worse but, I swear the more I take, the worse I feel. Is this a normal thing that I wasn't aware of? Am I just not waiting it out long enough?
I know I'm guilty of stopping/starting back with the Wellbutrin bc one day I feel I need to stick with it but, then I'll feel so depressed the day I take it that I'll stop.
I've been on the Brintellex for almost 8 weeks. I go back to my dr tomorrow so looking for advice.
Have any of you stopped all meds after long term use?