Hi I had taken Phentermine for 3 months & then Phentermine & wellbutrin combo for a month (Phen was 37.5) In 4 months I have lost 10 lbs. I have thyroid Hashimotos so losing is nearly impossible. I loved the energy I had with Phen in the beginning besides dry mouth which made me drink the water I never had any negative side effects from Phen no heart racing etc. Its obvious Phen stopped working long ago for me. Went to doctor this morning we are going to try Qsymia I had gotten the 2 week free trial of the first dose 3.75 mg 23 mg . I will start tomorrow. Considering this is so expensive Id pay ($131/mo) I was wondering what is the difference of just having the doctor prescribe both pills separately?? I believe it would be much cheaper??? Also has anyone lost weight on this very low first dose?? In 2 wks my dose will increase to the 2 nd dosage. Or does it have to be in your system for awhile and dose increased to start losing?? Last question has anyone been in my boat didn't lose much w Phen alone & has LOST w Qsymia?? Thanks so much!!