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Does anyone take prozac with wellbutrin, valium, norco, ambien cr and/or trazodone?

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pamee 27 Jun 2012

Hello, I take all the meds you mentioned except the prozac. At one time I took prozac, but no longer.What are you wanting to know, if it is alright to take all the meds together or what? Did the same doctor give you all those meds?
What have you been diagnosed with if you dnt mind my asking? If you would like to answer me privatetly add me as your friend and privt mesg me.
keep in touch to let me know please.


briards 28 Jun 2012

thanks for responding, pamee. i am looking for a new ad and since prozac worked for me years ago i thought i might try it again. i am taking all those other meds and the interaction checker when i add the prozac isn't very encouraging. the major interactions with prozac comes up with wellbutrin norco and trazodone. i know wellbutrin and prozac combo is pretty common, but yet the checker red flags it. i used to have a great psychopharmacologist and he always knew what *really* interacted with what. even wrote college textbooks, but he closed his private practice. now i just see what meds real world people take together.
haven't found a good doc since. diagnosis is major depression, panic w/agorophobia, insomnia and ptsd and borderline personality disorder..last 2 i don't agree with. i cry/sob daily, rarely leave the house and i am searching, with the *help* of doctors for something i can take to improve the quality of my life, if even just a little. just heard my husband come home, gotta go, hope i answered all your questions. thanks again for responding.

briards 28 Jun 2012

yes, that is what i wanted to know, if i could take all those meds. i thought if people could share what they took their prozac with, i could get get a better feeling for it. as far as the same doctor prescribing them,except for the norco, the others just went with me when i was searching for a new doc, when i would tell them what i was taking they just gave me a rx except sometimes a doc would change the benzo i was taking. i have tried almost everything out there, it's been a long search to find something that works, so i thought i would just go back to prozac. my primary doc prescribes the norco, mostly for back pain.
last time i went i was given samples of viibyrd. i researched it and decided it's not the med for me. in my quest to keep it simple, i thought i would try prozac again... turns out it's not simple at all because it has an interaction with all the others i am now taking, some worse than others.

pamee 28 Jun 2012

Hi Brairds, I am so sorry to hear about your health issues, however, I do relate and understand.
I know you probably realize you should seek your doctors advice on this since you are taking multiple meds.
I take Celexa with all my meds and celexa is almost just like prozac, same family, but like you said the prozac interacts. Ask your doctor about Celexa
I have some of your same issues, so if you ever would like to talk with me I am a good listener and never pass judgement.
I hope this has helped.. best regards

Prisc13 3 Jul 2012

I take Prozac, Norco, and Trazadone. I don't have any side effects from that combo and all three Rxs came from the same doctor. All though I don't recommend you smoke while taking these, it may make you sick. Good luck!

pamee 4 Jul 2012

Hello Prisc. Doesn't the prozac and trazodone offset each other? I was kind of curious if you have any idea why the smokes make you sick while taking the meds? That's a good thing!

Prisc13 10 Jul 2012

Hi Pamee, I take the Trazodone as a sleep agent for my insomnia. It's as needed and only at night. The prozac I take daily in the mornings for depression and anxiety. The Norco is also as need for my endometriosis pain, which also is cause to my insomnia. I hope this answers your question. Thank you for posting!

Prisc13 10 Jul 2012

Sorry I also forgot the smoking nausea thing. I have no idea where that comes from, I used to enjoy a cigar every now and then with my husband but I can't even be around the second hand smoke if I've taken more than 2 Norco. It's a mystery to me, but I agree a good healthy inducing side effect:)

pamee 15 Jul 2012

Prisc. Thank you for your answer! Have a blessed day ... pamee free discount card

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