I have Complex Sleep Apnea with Circadian Rhythm Disorder/Sleep Shift Work Disorder (I do not work though). Have medical issues besides the sleep, chronic lyme and its accompanying myriad of symptoms. I have been doing well considering it is just the sleep that is an issue. Started CPAP over a month ago and still exhausted, even more so I think. Norm sleep is 9-13 hours, daytime. I don't go to sleep until 5-7am. On a good night earlier. If I have things to do I force myself up at 2pm. I have school a few nights a week, 6-9pm. But have now been falling asleep in class. Started Provigil at 50mg, nothing. Then 100mg and nothing. Tried 50mg twice a day, and I may even had tried 100mg twice one day. After 6 days I began to get severe gastrointestinal pains, extreme distention and gas that I could not expel. It was extremely painful, I could barely walk. I'm wondering if Nuvigil is worth my time as it is similar to Provigil and that was a disaster. Upping the Provigil is not an option. Don't want to jump on strong amphetamines for various reasons. I am a mostly healthy 30 year old female, 120lbs.