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Has anyone tried Provigil for Fibromyalgia and CFS?

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LaurieShay 2 Dec 2013

I take Provigil for hypersomnia and have a sister who takes Nuvigil (sister drug to Provigil) for fibro and CFS. We have both found it useful for wakefulness without any of the side effects such as caused by amphetamines. The only thing I noticed when first starting was a slight headache which stopped after a few days. Everyone is different, but I couldn't function without it.

Quando62 13 Feb 2014

Nuvidgil helped me, but too expensive, so back to square one. Both Provigil and nuvidgil work great.

beca124 28 Dec 2014

I was bedridden for a severe form of cfs known as m.e. myalvic encephalomyelclitis my arms and legs, hair felt like lead. (Why any of these so called doctors were giving me various antidepressants I beyond me) I was initially diagnosed with depreeion. I kept telling them I wadnst so the drugs only made a normal person like myself very depressed and I wanted to o die. I merely existed laying day by day on a bed not having enough energy to show unti 8, 9, 10 , sometimes not showing to midnight some days not at all! A year ago a,newer neurologist offered me a card w provigil 200 mg which worked for 3 hours. I read up on it thst some need 400mg q an. With a wing and a prayer I tried it. He told my gp who give me 2 eac morning. The sane doctor also gave me a script for addetal 20mg at 2, 4xaday at my descretion.

beca124 28 Dec 2014

By 8,9,10pm i mean it took that long for me to try to get up to shower!

Deb10 29 Jun 2015

I take 100mg. of Provigil only when I need to stay awake. Works great for me and without it I wouldn't be able to make plans.

Greatgranny0005 31 Jul 2017

Any referrals someone can provide for Placer County that prescribes Monofinil, generic for Provigil, for chronic fatigue?

Greatgranny0005 31 Jul 2017

Could you suggest a fibro doctor to me? free discount card

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