I have been diagnosed with dermatitis on my knuckles on both hands . They get red at some point through the day then will calm down . It doesn't cause itch, sometimes I don't even feel anything then I look down and my knuckles are red .
I was prescribed topical steroids but I do not want to use for long time as I know they are bad if prolonged use . I used it sparingly , taking weeks off between , and now I've been tapering off slowly . I can say I have used topical steroid for 18 days through three months ( taking breaks between and only using once daily in small amount . Never used for more than 5 days straight )
My doctor said a safer route would be Protopic . I am nervous to try it out , reading these comments I have mixed feelings but I will give it a try this weekend and hope that everything turns out great and that it helps me .
I developed this in November of 2017 , didn't have it at any point before that nor did I use topical steroids before that .

Anybody else suffer from similar conditions ?

Any feed back would be great.