I'm working with a weight loss doctor. He's got me on topiramate and phentermine. He started the topiramate at a very low dose and has gone up on it. I'm now on 100 mg 2x a day. It has worked great in cutting my appetite. I feel like I'm in a fog. My concentration is horrible. I can't concentrate on anything. I have to write everything down. Then I came here and read the horror stories of people still having problems with memory loss after they stopped the medicine. Reading more about the drug it is actually an anti-seizure/anti-convulsant med in the family of gabapentin. It's also prescribed for migraines, weight loss and bi-polar. It can also make a person with depression suicidal. None of this information was ever shared with me by the doctor. If I knew this drug was in the gabapentin category or neuronton I would have never gone on it. I've taken neuronton and Lyrica and did not do well on those.