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Did anyone ever have any problems stopping taking zoloft?

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Inactive 25 Dec 2013

Can you tell us how long and how much you have been taking?

jenny72MA 25 Dec 2013

50 mg. 10 years

jenny72MA 25 Dec 2013

I was diagnosed with underactive thryoid when it burnt out a year ago. I lost all my hair and it took 6 months for t levels to even out. Thinking since I am tired all the time and underactive causes a lot of depression and mood swings from hormones being off,maybe I need to give my body a rest from zoloft and my other anxiety med.

fayfaith 29 Dec 2013

Yes, I was taking Zoloft for over two decades.The start I took up to 75mgs and with time passing down to 25 mgs. Taking Xanax also, one .1mg three times a day if needed. I had to stop taking both. Xanax several years back n Zoloft several months ago. Discovering that I can no longer take SSRI drugs. Both drugs helped me tremendously! The withdrawals are horrible, frightening, tiring, but you will get through it. NOW IT'S TRIAL & Error time again ... I was hoping myself that I wasn't going to have to take anything. But my anxiety & panic is boldly revealing itself. And I hate it ... I would give almost anything just to be Normal !!! BUT JUST REMEMBER U R NOT ALONE! Sending U hugs

kaismama 25 Dec 2013

No you don't need to give your body a rest. If you're tired all the time you may need it increased. When you stop it, you have the symptoms back its been helping, and you'll need to start it again, from step one, like when you started it this time and waiting for it to work again. See your dr before you do anything.

jenny72MA 25 Dec 2013

Going to see doctor next week. Just tired of being tired.

HeadStarter 25 Dec 2013

I see you mentioned having hypothyroidism. That alone can cause the symptoms you mentioned... right down to the hair loss, fatigue and depression. What are you taking and do you have an endocrinologist?

I hope the peace and calm you are lacking come back to you as your thyroid levels return to normal... free discount card

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