I had my last surgery in 2008 (my fourth Total so far) and I had a St Jude mechanical valve put in. Ever since my surgery I have felt worse than I did before. I have been having massive palpitations, I have had a heart attack I have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure... More shortness of breath and MASSIVE fatigue... all the signs I normally get before needing another heart surgery. I have wondered ever since my surgery if there might need to be a recall on some valves and if I might have one of the valves that might possibily need to be recalled. The more of us who r having issues who come forward the sooner we can get something recalled... so I BEG you if you are having issues PLEASE respond to this and post any and all symptoms you are having and when you got your valve put in. Thanks.
I also just found out that the leak that has been on my aortic valve has gotten worse and my dr STILL wont do anything about it although my heart health has given me so much head ache and limited my life sooooo much!!!