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Has anyone had problems with ringing in their ears and/or hearing loss since taking Dexilant?

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Inactive 10 May 2012

Hello Cobble. I searched several sources I use, and found nothing to suggest that Dexilant could cause any problems with the ear/hearing. You might want to let your doctor you believe that Dexilant is causing you these problems. Regards, pledge

Cobble 11 May 2012

Thanks for your help, Pledge.

Inactive 11 May 2012

You are welcome Cobble. Have a fine day.

gnomegurl 2 Aug 2012

Hi Cobble. I've been taking Dexilant for about 6 months and I have noticed hearing loss. I was researching the best time of the day to take Dexilant to maximize the benefits of the drug when I came across your question. I did not associate the drug with the hearing loss until now. Just in the last month, I've noticed that when people are looking away from me (even at a short distance) I can not hear what they're saying. I'm going to ask my doctor.

Cobble 2 Aug 2012

Hi Gnomegurl,
I am curious what age group you are in if you don't mind me asking. Since my daughter was only 22 I am wondering if you are young, too. No one believes the drug caused her problem but ironically since she began taking it again regularly the ringing in her ears became so sever even with her hearing aids in she had to stop taking it again. Since her grandfather had early onset hearing loss in his 30's the assumtion is it is genetic based even without genetic testing. We question otherwise since it is tied so closely to her being on Previcid and Dexilant and her hearing loss seemed extremely sudden rather than gradual. Cobble

gnomegurl 2 Aug 2012

Young enough! I'm 40 years young.

Cobble 2 Aug 2012

Yes 40 is young! I am wondering if you are experiencing the ringing in your ears, too. I guarantee you your doctor will say no but if you look at the drug insert one of the rare side effects of the drug is hearing loss. I don't know why every Doctor (ear and GI) tells us there is no association with the drug and my daughters hearing loss. You might want to consider a hearing test and if you have ever had one in the past compare the two. Cobble free discount card

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