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Has anyone else had problems with their heart feeling very fluttery when taking less citalopram?

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Peggo 13 Nov 2017

Hi. Yes I’ve had that with Citalopram. It’s one of the side effects . But not everyone gets it .I had palpitations , and got out of breath and was even sent for an ecg and given beta blockers for it, but I knew it was the tablets . I have now managed to reduce the dose, and don’t get it anymore. I would advise that if you try to reduce the dose though , to do under your doctors advice . What dosage are you on? Good luck , I hope you getbit sorted out .

Done with this crap 14 Nov 2017

Thanx for your response. I have been on 20mg for 10 years. I have tried to get off b4. My DR. Recently told me to take my time. She switched me to 10mg.& I have been doing that for over a month. But the fatigue and heart palpitations have been a pain. She did tell me if I had problems to go back to 20 mg. Today I decided to just go back on the 20. I'm so upset that it is so hard to get off of this stuff! On a daily basis I'm ok with my dose, but just don't want to be taking a med forever if I don't need too. With the withdrawal breing so bad I guess I will have to take it forever. So bummed out but hate the way I've been feeling.

Peggo 14 Nov 2017

I’m so sorry you’re having such a bad time . I know how hard that can be. 10 Years is a long time . I personally find that I have to change my anti depressants every few years because they tend to not work so well after a time . I went from 20 mgto 10 mg ,and found it didn’t really work so am now on
15mg which seems to be the right dosage for me. 20mg was too much but 10 wasn’t enough so maybe something in the middle? and I’m wondering if this would work better for you ? The side effects went but so did the depression . I did it myself and then went to the doctor and told her what I’d done , but I wouldn’t like to advise anyone to do it without seeing the doctor first . Good luck

Peggo 14 Nov 2017

I’ve just realised you said you were getting palpitations on 10 msg? Is that right ? If it is then maybe 15mgs is not the answer for you . Let me know how you get on . free discount card

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