I'm a victim of Lesbian Bed Death... My girlfriend works all the time and never bothers having sex with me anymore. It's been 2 months now and I've basically given up on the remote possibility of it happening again any time soon. I've tried having a talk with her about it, but that's a personal and completely separate issue. My concern here is that Wellbutrin is making it a HUGE problem because of how high my sex drive is now- I don't think it's ever been this high all the time before. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? My guess is there isn't really a supplement for that side effect alone, and nothing else about Wellbutrin has been an issue for me (Some irritability went awayafter the first week of it kicking in.) I can't switch to another anti-depressant- I've tried about 7 others including SSRI's (which I know would have the opposite effect) which were like placebos for me, and Wellbutrin has otherwise practically saved my life. (If there's no solution, I'll take no depression over no sexual frustration any day.)