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Has anyone had any prexisting or post mood disorders while on triple therapy including the Incivek?

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Ezydys 8 Feb 2013

Yes I did the incevik cocktail and it created depression and anxiety . I lost total emotion . And didn't even realize it was happening .

Happy4now 8 Feb 2013

Hi Ezydys, I'm so excited for you! It's great to know all the hard work pays off! And I'm so happy to hear you are doing well.. =;0

I was never so excited to finish the 12 weeks, it was such a pain eating all that fat and the itching was the worst but here I am, the virus is undetectable for 6 months now and I have 5 more months to go! Yippee!

Best wishes! Nice to chat with you again..

Happy4now 8 Feb 2013

Hi MeStage3 -- I also am on treatment and while on incivek I noticed myself going thru a lot of emotional changes -- even though I'm no longer on incivek but on pegasys and ribavirin, I'm still experiencing some mood changes. My therapy is music! LOL

The meds have affected my thyroid and blood levels. I believe this contributes to those feelings along with just feeling out of sorts in general.
Hang in there and try to remember that you will eventually feel better.

If you haven't had your thyroid checked, you might want to.. It could make such a difference..

Best wishes and just know you're not alone.. ;0

Ezydys 8 Feb 2013

Hi happy . How it goin I see ya made the 12 wks. I love it . Keep on trucking . It only gets better . I'm in total remission and lovin it .i wish I could help anybody that won't try the med . I been waiting many yrs for this and it's finally here for us . Hang in there happy I'm proud of ya

Dumpster Diver 8 Feb 2013

Dear Me & Ezydys, You both are very Brave to take the treatment,
Thank you for writing about your experiences on the treatment, Incivek,
Call me Chicken, But I just can't do it. I quit drinking after a long sruggle,
and go to my pimary Dr, every 3 months as my insurance dictates. My
viral loads are staying steady, so far. I've known I had hep C for about 15 yrs.
But with my deression and anxiety disorders- No, for me... sincerely,~DD~

Ezydys 8 Feb 2013

Dumpster It's only a short time and it may not even happen to you . It effects pep differently . I know you can do it . I had to go on short term dis thru my ins. Cuz your not gonna b able to wrk during the treatment . You really should reconsider . It's better to go thru 5 months of discomfort than live with the pain from the dragon . Joints, muscle fatigue the weakness . Hep ain't no fun . I feel great now . It has a 88% success rate . Pls don't give up

Dumpster Diver 8 Feb 2013

Thanks Ezydys for your concern. But at this time, I just can't face it.
I'm 56 1/2 yrs old and even as a heavy drinker for the first 10 yrs. of my
diagnosis my stats are not critical. I believe I will be O.K. Thanks for
caring about me, I feel weepy just thinkin about it all..D-Squared~~

happybrandee 8 Feb 2013

If you're a chicken Dumpster diver, then so am I!! lol I choose not to take the treatment also! I see my doctor every month, my vital loads are also staying steady. I get my liver functions checked every 2 -3 months and I don't do drugs anymore and I didn't drink that often to begin with, maybe a glass of wine or a beer 3 times a year!! I am healthy now, and I take very good care or myself now and I eat right and workout.So I will take my chances with the HepC... I have seen too many people get sick on the meds to the point to where they lose their jobs because they can't work because they are so sick! And there is no promise that after all of that , that you won't still have HepC!! and even if you do go into remission , that could just mean that the virus is not in your blood, but it can still be hiding in your liver and it can come back! To me it's not worth it!!
Anyway... thanks for letting me vent!! lol free discount card

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