I was diagnosed PTSD and generalized anxiety almost 2 years ago, and to no avail the anxiety attacks have yet to be controlled. We (the medical team and myself) chose to stay away from any type of benzos as I'm also a recovering alcoholic. (1 year 8 months sober). Just last week I had my first appointment with a psychiatrist and after a 2 hour session, she determined that I don't meet the criteria for bipolar 1 or 2, but diagnosed me unspecified bipolar and prescribed Triliptal 150mg 2 times a day and to return to the office in 2 weeks to check labs and up the dosage. This is day 4 and I know most medications take time, I just so badly want to feel better I'm becoming impatient. The anxiety has been at it's worst for about a month now and with little sleep and constantly have to be doing "busy work" to stay focused, is taking its toll. Weight loss, fatigue, and pretty much constantly being stuck in the fight or flight mode has me feeling like I'm to a breaking point. If any of you have feedback about this medication I sure would appreciate it. Also the this is the first time I've reached out on an online forum, so I am of course anxious about this as well. It's a terrible cycle really.