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Has anyone been prescribed nucynta for their fibromyalgia pain? Any luck?

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accidentw8n2hapn 10 Jan 2013

I haven't but a very good friend has been on it for about a year. She is quite pleasedp with Nucynta. She also has Fibromyalgia. Her Dr has offered to try other pain meds but she does not want anything else.

Lisa01 10 Jan 2013

My daughter also takes it for her fibro and it works well for her. I couldn't take it because of the headaches it caused me. I wish you the best of luck with it!

cupcake7667 10 Jan 2013

My boyfriend knew I'd jump on this question. I absolutely despised every moment I was on Nucynta. I had horrible side effects from becoming tachcardic, which would bring on a severe panic attract, I lost balance, had difficulty word finding and forming sentences, also would nod at as this doc added it in when I was on too many other meds, I nodded out on the freeway, I hallucinated, and counted the minutes which felt like eons for the drug to wear off.

NUCYNTA is an SNRI which I don't respond well to, anything that acts on the central nervous system is out for me. The worst possible side effect is what is referred to as the Serotonin syndrome which may include mental-status changes (eg, agitation, hallucinations, coma), autonomic instability (eg, tachycardia, labile blood pressure, hyperthermia), neuromuscular aberrations (eg, hyperreflexia, incoordination) and/or gastrointestinal symptoms (eg, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea).

cupcake7667 10 Jan 2013

I just sent a much more explicit post that should show up soon. Nucynta is a centrally acting anagelisic with dual mode of action as an agonist of the mu-opioid receptor and as an norephinineprine reuptake inhibitor. It has an opioid and non-opioid activity in a single compound. I commented on some of the meds posted by others but truly this is your journey with your doctor to find what medications will work best for you. Best!

Inactive 10 Jan 2013

Hello articdoo, & welcome to the site. We have quite a few people on this site whom take nycynta. Some like it quite well, & others don't. Is fibromyalgia the only diagnosis for pain that you have?(and I ask that lightly as I know how painful it is) I have had it most of my life & several other very pain producing conditions for which I have to take pain meds. My personal view on just fibromyalgia is not to use narcotics for pain as they don't really help the pain of fibro that much. I take 30mg of oxcodone evey 4 to 6 hours for my back & bone pain which it does help or allow me to function to some degree, but it does not touch my fibromyalgia. When I am in a flare which is almost daily, I make my self do some stretching & walking (when I can walk). Pass by the temptation of hitting the couch for the day. It only makes it worse. As with any pain drug it has the potential of abuse or addiction.

Inactive 10 Jan 2013

Another good place to look for fibromyalgia info is thThe National Arthritis Foundation as they do the reseach for fibromyalgia. Physical therapy & Occupational therapy is very helpful, & they will teach you how to exercise, move, use tools that help you reach for things etc... They also have a magazine for which is very inexpensive to subscribe to, & a website Exercising in a warm water pool is a very good thing they suggest also. Our local YMCA has one day a week they let people that need to use the pool for arthritis & other related conditions (fibro) where they warm the water. Exercising under water gives equalized pressure on all of the parts & joints of the body so much less wear & tear on the body. It feels wonderful also, & energizes those endorphins to be released which walking & yoga does also. Endorphins as you probably already know, are the brains pain pills.

Inactive 10 Jan 2013

Sorry for all the typos! First email of the day & have arthritis so bad in hands. Thought I got i corrected, so sorry, & hope you can read it... Mary

Inactive 10 Jan 2013

I took Nucynta but it was to replace the oxycodone for back pain, didn't help with my fibro. I found it didn't work as long as indicated either.

Inactive 10 Jan 2013

Hello articdoo, Welcome to the site, and very good question. The great thing about this site, other than the great people and support you will recieve, is there is a variety of views and opinions. I think that's very interesting, however it can be a bit confusing at times too. I have Fibromyalgia. And even though I still will get Flare Ups, and it will bother me, I definately think it is worse without pain medicine. People who take pain medicine for chronic pain... still have some pain, either constantly, or from time to time. Medicine doesn't cure every bit of it, is my point. But it definitely helps. Me anyway. My Dr. tried me on Nucynta 200mg. I'll be honest, it helped my pain tremendously. In some cases, people experience headaches while on it. Unfortunately, I was one of those people. I had terrible headaches every day, and had to stop. Boy I wish I didn't have them headaches, because that was some great medicine for pain, in my case.

cupcake7667 11 Jan 2013

Emailed you. You'll understand why it was so late. Talk about headaches! And flares! My neck feels like its being strangled!

painMachine 17 Jul 2018

I am not a doctor, but I am prescribed tramadol and tapentadol 50 mg thrice daily. I do not have fibromyalgia so I can't say directly whetehr it helps, but fibromyalgia is neuropathic pain, and tapentadol and tramadol both work very well for neuropathic pain. For some people it can cause headaches like others have noted, and if that happens you'll probably need to switch to another med. Tapentadol is something like 4 to 6 times stronger than tramadol, so it would probably work better. But there are medicines like pregabalin (lyrica) and duloxetine (Cymbalta) that are supposed to help with that condition, but I'm skeptical. Honestly, I am annoyed at doctors practice of trying to prescribe non opioids for painful conditions, they know the chances it will work are slim to none, but anything to avoid creating another junky. Sorry, I'm a little bitter. free discount card

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