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Has anyone else been prescribed Cymbalta for neuropathy?

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Laurieroz 23 Jan 2017

I take Gabapentin & Cymbalta for neuropathy. They work very well together!

chuck1957 25 Jan 2017

Dunn; Yes nowadays this is one of the most common and helpful medications for neuropathy. If the doctor did not say anything you want to keep a steady medication level so try and take it about the same time each day. And also it take your system as much as 2 weeks to adjust to the medication sometimes it can make you very tired to start of feel kind of like the flu, or shaky but just know it's all the medication and it well go away continue to take it daily to keep up the pain relief don't miss days. best wishes

April2017 26 Jan 2017

Cymbalta made my pain worse and I stopped immediately. It's actually an antidepressant

mulby 27 Jan 2017

I am on gabapentin and was on cymbalta for 6 months. For me gaba is effective but cymbalta was not. The side effects of cymbalta such as buzzing in the head and feeling kind of spaced out negated its efficacy. free discount card

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