I'm down to a very low dose of Lorazepam (.125 mg once/day) in my weaning process; however, I'm still experiencing horrible withdrawals... shakiness, jittery, breathlessness, headaches, etc and last night I was awakened in the middle of the night by panic attacks that made me wonder if I was dying. Tried to call my psych drs office several times and couldn't get through on the phone..it was either busy or it rang 20 times and no one answered so I went to see my family dr. She prescribed a Beta Blocker (10 mg. Propranolol) and said that it may help minimize some of the horrible withdrawal symptoms The only problem is I'm afraid to try to take it because the paperwork that the pharmacy gives you when you pick up medication specifically says that it is not recommended for use if you have asthma... and I have asthma. Does anyone know of maybe some other non-medication that might help me? I've read some things where people talk about chamomile tea, kava kava, and some other herbs.