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Has anyone got pregnant while taking levora? Explain please?

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DzooBaby 26 Jul 2013

Most of the time, if a woman gets pregnant while she is on oral contraceptives, it is a mistake on her part by either not taking them properly or not using back when appropriate. Oral contraceptives work first and foremost by preventing ovulation. If there is no egg released, there can be no baby no matter how many sperm there are. If a woman misses pills, she ups her risk for ovulation happening. Whenever you miss a pill you have to use back up protection or abstain from sex for the next seven days just in case you have ovulated. Another mistake is not using back up while on antibiotics. Certain antibiotics reduce how effective the Pill is, possibly leading to ovulation, so if you are put on antibiotics you must use back up barrier protection, like condoms, the entire time that you are on antibiotics and for seven days after you finish them. Withdrawing the penis before ejaculation doesnt count as back up. Condoms work best. Men secrete sperm all throughout the sex act so withdrawal is a wasted gesture. If women have their partners withdraw instead of using barrier back up she can get pregnant. Finally, birth control pills are not magic, they change hormones and hormone triggers in the body. This takes time to occur so when a woman starts oral contraceptives, she needs to start them either within 24 hours of starting her period (Day 1) or the first Sunday following. It is best to wait seven days before having unprotected sex (without condoms) to give the Pill time to work to prevent ovulation. Even better is to use condoms for a full cycle, especially if she decides to start any day other than Day 1 or the first Sunday following the start of her period. Make sense?

DzooBaby 26 Jul 2013

I just want to add that no contraceptive is 100% effective. Birth control pills, when taken perfectly are 98-99.9% effective. This means 1-2 women out of every one hundred will get pregnant while on the pill. It is really pretty effective though. 1-2% is very small and one has to really have perfect timing for this to occur. It is usually due to error that pregnancy occurs.

kirstenforever 26 Jul 2013

So I could start a different day other then that sunday and the 1st day of my period. I just got my pills today and I did take one and I have about a week before ny period starts. What should I do stop or continue to take them??

DzooBaby 27 Jul 2013

Keep taking them now, just be sure to use back up. They may throw your cycle off and you may be irregular for several months, this is why it is best to start them when your period starts. It works with your cycle better this way. free discount card

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