my husband has Myosthenia Gravis (diagnosed last September) Neuromuscular Dr. prescribed prednisone (20mg per day)and Mestinon... He was getting weaker and "not himself"... he has had an 4 year battle for his health..prednisone was used at high doses several times..he is "not himself" on it..very moody, waits away, has had several really bad infections while on it, no energy,or desire to do anything, breathing trouble, .. Dr. says it is the disease... I read a new publication on about Prednisone written 11/2012 and took it up with all of his specialists... it says that Prednisone and Mestinon should not be used together... we weaned him off it (SLOWLY)and he has been off it now about 7 weeks. he is MUCH BETTER stronger, much more active, HIMSELF! he only uses Mestinon as needed so he has needed about 3 pills in the last 7 weeks..if he is fatigued we hear his tongue trouble return, one Mestinon and a few minutes and he is better. He is type 1 diabetic, so he is on insulin and mucinex daily and he takes Protandim. He is golfing 6 or 7 times a week