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Anyone had a positive experience with Gabapentin for pain other than shingles? Specifically, post?

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kaismama 9 Jun 2015

I"ve been on it for fibro for years. It works better then lyrica for me.

beazy39 9 Jun 2015

My late hubby used it for several years for phantom pain from amputation and paraplegic with better results than any other med that was tried.

Smackie Slumber 9 Jun 2015

Gabapentin, for me anyway, is very effective at blocking damaged or overly active nerves. I have been on it for years for neuropathic pain and it works well for me.

Dr Cappuccilli 9 Jun 2015

Literally hundreds of my patients have had excellent results for pain, nerve pain, sleep and even mood. Gabapentin is an excellent medication with a very low side effect profile and promising results. You can feel confident that it will work for you - there are always an unfortunate (and often exceedingly vocal) group that fails with any medication or has adverse effects. In my experience the rate of treatment failure due to intolerance of the medication or adverse reactions is literally 1 or 2 in a thousand patients that discontinue the medication because of problems. A small portion of people have no side effects and also get no benefit from the medication so they discontinue therapy. It is a safe and overwhelmingly effective medication and it is a staple of most pain management therapy.

Libra2 13 Jun 2015

Gabapentin seems to be better than pregabalin for me. The side effects I have at moderate doses of 900mg are vision problems and mental clouding. It also causes myoclonus. It has its share of side effects.

tj_1159 10 Jun 2015

I have nerve damage pain in right foot/ankle/lower leg & it help me alot I wouldn't be walking without gabapentin. Been on it for a couple yrs. now. I hope you find something that work for you. Good Luck

billley 10 Jun 2015

Thanks everybody. I think the one physician was skeptical because he uses Gabapentin as a seizure remedy, and he already has me on Lamotritine. If he says adding another anti-seizure is okay, I'll fill the other octor's prescription. Thanks again.

Inactive 11 Jun 2015

I have an autoimmune disease called PRURIGO NODULARIS. My dermatologist put me
on Gabapentin - and the insane itching from the sores stopped (2 - 300 mg per day.)
The sores have been helped by Cortisone cream and Aveeno "New" Cream for sensitive
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