I've been diagnosed with it after seeing 25 doctors. (pathetic huh?) Just wondered if I'm the only one.
Also have had MS for 12 years. There's a link to arthritis so I'm trying to find out if there's an autoimmune disease cause.
Symptoms are lines of what looked like keloid scars to the drs but I finally got a dr to look at my photos of MRI screens. He subsequently did surgery and found tumors that were producing the balls of fibrosis accumulating under my skin. The fibrosis balls cause inflammation and pain. The previous drs thought I was scarring myself by cutting myself on my face and refused to treat me. I suppose that if the disease had started somewhere besides my face I may have been treated as something other than a psychiatric patient. This has been going on for 5 years. I hesitate to leave the house now and the dr that found the growths wants to see how the scar (30 stitches) healed but I want all of it out of my face NOW!. Guess y'all can relate.
Just thought I'd post. I can find very little info on this disease.
Thanks for any input.