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Has anyone used physAssist foot pain cream for their neuropathy? If so how does it work?

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tj_1159 19 Oct 2013

I don't have neuropathy but I do have nerve damage in my foot. I use a compound cream not sure if that what you are talking about. But it dose
help, it dosn't take all the pain away. I use it in between my pain meds.
I can use it 4 times daily I hope I help you some.

MacIntosh12 19 Oct 2013

Oops, sorry tj_1159, I got you confused with Delila, you've the same avatar.

MacIntosh12 19 Oct 2013

Hi suebhoney (love your name) and Delila,
I've neuropathy, yet I've not tried physAssist foot pain cream. That said, there is also a cream on the market that many a neuropathy patient swear by, tis Capsaisin Cream (spelling may be quite incorrect.) which is made of hot peppers, of all things, so IF you choose to try it, wash those hands after you apply it to your feet/foot.
Terribly sorry that I cannot supply any info on physAssist cream.
Best wishes to you,

kaismama 19 Oct 2013

With that I recommend you put it on a small spot first, it can cause severe burning for some people.

Inactive 20 Oct 2013

No, I haven 't tried that. I have neuropathy in my legs and I use a compound my pharmacist makes just for me. It is a prescription and my primary care doctor prescribes it: Amitryptaline 5% and Lidocaine 5% PLO. It really does help. - EJ23

tj_1159 20 Oct 2013

Ej23, that what I use on my foot for nerve damage. My is a different prescription: Meloxicam 0.09%-Lamotrigine 2.5%-Lidocaine 2%-& Prilocaine 2%. yes it helps. free discount card

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