I have had bipolar & ptsd for over 18 years and 2 years ago I developed severe anxiety and now I am a shut in. I find it harder everyday to push and break out of this so I can go back to society. I have many obstacles and one of the biggest one is that noise excessive or minor, triggers my episodes and helps along psychosis. I live above a Musician and can't afford to move out as I have no money after I pay rent with my pension. I can't afford to choose better housing as the rent is too high for me. As it is I receive free food and transportation vouchers.
I am suffering more than I can stand and mental health services and housing have said I'm not desperate enough to assist because I have a roof over my head. I fear for my life because I have experienced homelessness for years and finally move into a place and 3 months into it the musicians moves in under me.
I guess I'm asking for understanding more than a solution as there is no easy one, if there were I never would have been homeless at 16 -or anyone else for that matter.
My mother doesn't get it and never has, my brother has good intentions but tells me to suck it up and live in society.
Having agoraphobia has totally ruined the management I had for my bipolar and PTSD. I can't escape or assist myself anymore. It's just me, my friends left a very long time ago and I don't have other family to help out. I've never felt this isolated and alone, and I've got a very long history of abuse, neglect and isolation. I ask anyone who has been stuck like me to offer some insight, I have run out of perspectives.
Please, If anyone has anything to help with I'd be eternally greatful, I'll take it on board as long it keeps me from giving up. I want a better life for myself and for everyone with problems. We deserve to be happy too.

It's so important that we help each other out when health insurance, community and mental health services, family and friends and governments don't help us to change our lives.