I used prednisone briefly in 2005 after getting Bell's Palsy. The doc at the ER prescribe a few days of it (I can't remember if it was a week or less) to halt further damage of the facial nerve. Within the first day of using it, my skin and hair became incredibly oily. Like ridiculously - to the point where people would notice. I also got some horrible acne and clogged pores which got worse with each passing day while on the drug.

Well since stopping, the acne and oil production has only ceased a bit. I am still riddled with acne and excess oily skin/hair. Basically for 7 years I have struggled with moderate to severe acne! Is it possible for prednisone to permanently alter the skin's chemistry? My skin was 100% clear prior to using it. Now my skin has changed forever just from a small course of this steroid.

My doctor doesn't think it's possible and says it's a shift in hormones or something since I got it when I was 17. He said it's coincidence with puberty??? I know... I'm not really buying it because before ingesting those pills I never had this problem.

I was thinking of going on Accutane (isotretinoin) to slow down the insane oil production but no doctor or dermatologist is willing to give it to me because I don't have cystic acne.

Interested in others thoughts/opinions/suggestions.