I was on Paxil 30mg/day for 15 years. I noticed that the Paxil wasn't quite working as well as it used to so I went to the Dr who prescribed venlafaxine er. I started with 75mg for one month and then increased my dose to 150mg. Then after a couple of months the Dr upped my dose to 225mg. After a few days on 225mg, I began having severe muscle stiffness and muscle pain. The pain was debilitating so I weaned myself back down to 75mg and went to a new Dr. The new Dr prescribed me 50 mg of Pristiq but it made me very dizzy and nauseous so I only took it for a week. I switched myself back to 75 mg of venlafaxine until I can get back into see my Dr next week. I'm still have headaches and dizziness which I don't remember being this bad when I initially started the venlafaxine 4 months ago. I did do pretty good when I was taking 150mg venlafaxine, however I have so much stress in my life the Dr thought it may be beneficial to increase my dose to 225mg which then caused muscle problems. So, should I try to get back to the 150mg of venlafaxine er or should I try going back on Paxil?? The Paxil WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST, but I'm not sure if it will work again for me. Also, I've taken .5 mg of klonopin as needed with both paxil and venlafaxine, however I never really needed it on paxil. This is so frustrating as I'm a Mother, a wife and I work full time.