Hello everyone my name is Joe. I was an athlete casual drinker loved meeting people and going out I'm 21 years old.. I've experienced probably the most life changing experience in my entire life. About 2 months ago I experienced my first panic attack . It really didn't effect me but while I was having it I lost my mind and came out of it alone .. the next day I went to drive to my girlfriends house Ita 2 miles away I had another one in the car hAlf way there... well all I can say is I turned around and sped home and drove like a wild man it was the most terrible feeling in the world ... this was the last time I drove alone . well now all I can say is after that I didn't eat or leave my home for 2 weeks straight I was constantly anxious I lost . I finally had my.mom bring me to the doctors . He prescribed me .25 alprazolam . It took me 2 days to take the pill because I was scared too. So I did it took my anxiousness away for about 3 hours ... I can really only go in the car with either my brothers or my mother . It's so depressing .. I went from a damn normal life to this I'm loosing my relationship it makes me so sad and mad .. I don't take the Xanax really unless I have too ... I get in the car and drive around my block and I just can't leave my neighborhood. I'll go into a panic attack I'm literally loosing it im crying all the time I'm a litthe girl I'm thinking about going back to the doctors . I have college in september and all i can think about is how im going to get there life is so damn hard i give up sometimes then sometimes i want to fight its an emotional rollercoaster. The best feeling is feeling normal I feel blessed when I feel normal. Just to feel normal is the most amazing feeling no one understands what I'm going through .