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Anyone know of new treatments for DDD.I had for 24 yrs. and 4 back surgeries,wear patch and pills?

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Emeraldgirl 22 Jan 2014

Hello ronbakerman and a warm welcome to DC - I have got a degenerative disc at L5/SI which I have had since 2004. For me it is difficult to say how much the disc affects me because I developed Chronic myofascial pain (CMP) at the same time, thus not only did I have lower back pain but pain in the buttocks, pains down my legs (but not past the knees). These pains were hot stabbing pain, shooting pain, muscle twinges, pulling tightening pain. I could only sit or stand relatively motionless for short periods of time. I had MRI scans X 3, 2004, 2008, 2009. It turned out that the pain was due to CMP and the main component of which are trigger points (TrPs). TrPs often go undiagnosed. A pain Dr should be able to rule out if you have these or not. A trained hand can feel them. Once these were treated (there are many ways of treating them) pain and function improved a lot. My ongoing research has revealed that less than 1% of degenerative disc actually need removing and that TrPs should be considered as the source of most of the pain. Treat those first and see what the outcome is. From another question posted yesterday regarding spinal surgery one poster mentioned that there is an artificial disc that can be implanted and another suggested a site called spinal health which I checked out and it is very good (it has lots of videos). Devin Starlanyl covers TrPs well in her work. The question yesterday has some very interesting information for those considering spinal surgery see For me what worked best was a muscle relaxant (MR) Valium (which I still take) however most Dr’s will not prescribe this as it is considered addictive. However if you are in the US you have many MR available then I do in the UK. MR work well because they relax the TrPs, but they still need treating in their own right. Another DC member recommended Tizanidine which is a spinal MR and this works when my spine feels tight. A hot water bottle also helps me as does a nice hot bath. Pain killers personally did not help me no matter how strong the narcotic. Yes it did treat the pain but not my limited function. The MR not only treated the pain but it also improved my ability to function – Take care

ronbakerman 23 Jan 2014

It sounds to me like the pain down your buttocks is sciatica nerve pain,when i had mine it went all the way down to my toes but that is not always the case. Sciatica nerve pain is a pinched nerve normally between a herniated disc,I would not be surprised if that is the cause of the pain down your leg.I have had this off and on for 15 yrs. The space given for my Q was very limited so i could not go into detail. I have been dealing with DDD since 1990 and have had 4 surgeries,i have no cushion that is between your disc,it is all dried up so that leaves my disc unprotected so they can grind together causing extreme pain and it has gotten so bad I am searching for some new treatment center. I live in relatively small area,If you want the best treatment you have to go to it in a major city,it is just that simple.Now i just have to find the right place and was hoping to get some response and i appreciate your reply.

Emeraldgirl 24 Jan 2014

Hello Ron – All your response is relevant. Unfortunately it is common for those closest to us not to understand what we are going through. Truly sorry that your marriage suffered under these circumstances. Like all of us you have found or are finding a drug regime that works for you. That is not an abuse of the drug, you are just taking what your body needs to function. I don’t know if you clicked on the link that I provided in my first response to your question; but the posters to that question have offered valuable insights and websites that may help anyone who has had or is considering spinal surgery, corrective or otherwise. As I have not had surgery and I am not planning to as I live in the UK and they do not remove degenerative disc unless there are additional complications.

nancybreeze 24 Jan 2014

Hi Ronbakerman,

ronbakerman 29 Jan 2014

Thank you both for your thoughts and i hope you both continue to do well with your treatments and med's. You understand the situation,however others dont realize all the other things that come along with our situations. such as monetary ,emotional ,isolation,relationships, ect...
I have had it all impact my life in ways i could never have guessed,my dr. told me many years ago,maybe 15 yrs. ago that chronic pain causes the body to manifest into other chronic conditions,such as your shoulders and neck taking so much of the slack that your back can no long absorb that it develops its own problems and I didnt believe him or understand what he was talking about but he was right.

Emeraldgirl 29 Jan 2014

Hello Ron – Going to see a therapist is a good thing and I think that it will help you a lot. You will find that the DC community have very listening, non-judgemental and understanding ears so if expressing how you are feeling helps you we all understand and we can all empathise with your situation. You also have wonderful and supportive daughters in your life from what you have said; remember that fact and the DC community is always here if and when you need us. Also you have helped me with my ongoing research with what your Dr told you many years ago regarding shoulder and neck pain that originally steamed from chronic back pain. This has happened to me also and is now my primary pain. That said it is being treated now. Take care and good luck with your therapy

ronbakerman 30 Jan 2014

Hello Emeraldgirl,
I have added you to my friend list. I kept my appointment with the Therapist today but i almost backed out because of the way i was raised,to live life and man up and live with the card you were dealt. However I kept thinking about my daughters and grandson and did what my daughters felt I should do so I could learn to cope better.
The therapist was very nice and obviously a good listener lol. She learned a lot about my past and she said she is surprised that I have handled so many tough losses in my younger years and through out my life. She said the health problems alone are enough to unsettle about anyone over such a long time.
I must say it has been helpful talking to you and i appreciate you letting me bend your ear. I dont share my situation and history with many people,and I am sure doing so in this format has a lot to do with such a open conversation.

nancybreeze 31 Jan 2014

Hi Ron,
I am glad that I could be of some help to your situation as well. I have had experience with therapist thru out and each time it was a positive outcome. It seems that a professional can guide you on your thoughts and help you deal with the outcomes of rough times. I have been able to take something from a session and apply it to situations that have come up in a more positive way. It helped me with relationships and to move forward and not put to much focus on the past.

Emeraldgirl 31 Jan 2014

Hello Ron – Wise and experienced words from Nancy who is a very nice lady. I am pleased that you have had a positive experience with the therapist and I am sure that you will keep going as long as you need to. I and others on this forum are here to help each other. What brought us to this forum was a question but you end up getting so much more. Empathy, support, advice, people who understand and have tried and experienced things that you may or may not have considered and so much more. I am humbled in the fact that I have been of some help to you. I am British so this is to be expected, lol. We don’t take nice complements well, we get embarrassed, lol, but thank you. On that note we have a very different health care system in the UK which is ‘free’. free discount card

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