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Anyone tried the new Norco without Tylenol. I'm sorry I can't remember brand?

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chuck1957 25 Feb 2016

Need the exact name to know what you are talking about, The only other Hydrocodone I know of has ibuprofen in place of acetaminophen. Hydrocodone by itself, Well not work. get us some more information.

chuck1957 25 Feb 2016

Hysingla ER, Zohydro ER This is the one maybe your thinking of not many doctors well give this out. it has nothing but Hydrocodone in a timed released form and something in the binders activates the hydrocodone but to easy for a normal person to OD on this and used for terminal patients mostly.chuck1957

sh1113 25 Feb 2016

Yes that's the one!

My pain Management offering one of these to me to replace the Norco I now take 10/325 x5 per day.

I would like to stop taking the oxycontin I am also.prescribed and was wonderi ng if anyone had any feedback about either one of those

Thank you for your time.

chuck1957 26 Feb 2016

They have had good results with this timed release Hydrocodone just remember the doctor well have to figure out the right dose taking in all the opiates your on then make sure you take it just as prescribed, AND NEVER do anything but swallow this pill it is very strong timed release and if you break it or dissolve it or anything else you well get to much in your system at one time. have a great weekend and hope this works out for you please let us know how it goes chuck1957

Barbarabunny 1 Aug 2016

Would like to know if ibuprophen is safer for your liver.

Barbarabunny 1 Aug 2016

Is ibuprophen safer for your liver than Tylenol?

casanova08 10 Mar 2016

I have never tired it because it is a long active medication and i believe they dont make it fast acting but the brand name is Zohydro i believe there is another brand with a different name but this the one i know for sure and when you try them let me know how they work beceuse i want to try them because Tylenol is a placebo and only hurts you and doesnt do anything for pain it is the leading cause of death because it causes liver failure and i take 6 norcos a day and was on 4 Percocet a day before that so thats two more 325mg of Tylenol a day that i do not want to be taking because i am only 25 so please let me know and i hope this helps free discount card

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