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Has anyone tried NERVE RENEW for their tingling? Thanks?

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Stephen Treloar 5 Mar 2015

You realise this is probably just a Folate and B12 cocktail? Try a folate supplement first; it'll cost about $5 for a hundred.

jtrumble2 9 Mar 2015

Did you review this Nerve Renew, as it states it has some herbs in it too. Do you think a Folate and B12 will help tingling?
Thank you

jtrumble2 21 Mar 2015

The Nerve Renew reads that is has more ingredients. Thanks

Justme1956 2 Oct 2016

My toes were so bad. The tingling and pain were so bad I would have begged the Dr. to please cut my toes off. I couldn't walk much at all. So I tried nerve renew. I love it. I can go shopping and to the gym. I have only been on it for 2 months. So I have to say yes it really works.

1digger 12 Jan 2017

While I haven't used it myself, the ingredients have come up on much of my research as beneficial for neuropathy. Benfotiamine seems to be a common theme among the most beneficial supplements and this one not only has that but several others that have shown to be beneficial for relief as well as for detoxing the body. It may seem expensive but when you take into consideration all the ingredients combined, it's minimal if you look at what it would cost to get each ingredient separately. When one can get relief and healing through nutrition, we're far better off than taking the latest drug that only masks the symptom but doesn't address the root cause. free discount card

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