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Does anyone have or have had neck pain i'd like to ask some questions ?

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kaismama 2 Jan 2015

The vast majority of us do, but what kind of neck pain?

twrsilkcutv8 2 Jan 2015

I have had severe neck pain and the only way in ten or so years i,ve got any relief is through an accredited chiropractor,whilst i am a great believer in medication it only masks the symptom.(J.G.Wood a young 65)

pamee 2 Jan 2015

Yes, what is your question about neck pain?

balbanese 4 Jan 2015

Go ahead.

Inactive 10 Jan 2015

Hi, I have had neck pain since May last year( May 2014), I pulled a muscle in my neck I believe) .I have had physio which as helped and I was given neck exercises to do which have helped. I am now left with neck ache sometimes dizziness and its sometimes the base of the back of my head aswell. I'm continuing with the exercises but its not going away.
Its how I manage my daily activities which is the issue. I wake up ok with no neck ache. as soon as I start to rush around , do continuous lifting/ bending it brings It on and heavy carrying. I cant wear a scarf around my neck as the weight of the scarf against the back of my neck puts pressure on my neck, nor can I wear a winter jacket with a hood as I can feel the hood pressing against the back of my neck. free discount card

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