My pain management group lost half it's staff and has cancelled my December appointment and rescheduled it for January 23rd, 2013. Assuming the world hasn't ended. Anyway, I just had my last visit before i realized that it wasn't just the Lunesta that caused my hallucinations, my muscle relaxer Zanaflex also reports hallucinations as a side effect. Anyway, my pain specialist refuses to prescribe something without seeing me and is going to "try" "not try" to get me in in Dec. They asked me to contact my family doctor which I did and he said he was not going to prescribe for another physician. So now I am stuck with Zanaflex which I cannot take for the next two months. I thought maybe I would go through an on-line pharmacy that has physicians there to write necessary scripts to get me through the next month and a half. I just want to make sure that someone has used them before and was successful before I waste money I don't have. Thanks!