I have had depression all my life and am now having trouble taking any medications due to severe side effects. I was on Effexor XR 360mg for years and although it helped my depression this year I suddenly found myself lying in bed all day with no interest in anything. This went on for about three months. I went to a psychiatrist and he took me off Effexor. I had to slowly decrease dose over a couple of months and still got severe withdrawal symptoms. I then realised that Effexor had been giving me insomnia and severe sweating for all the years I was on it. Since then my psychiatrist has had me on so many different medications. Some give me bad side effects and some give me worse depression.
I wont go on any SNRIs like Effexor because of the sweating (I would rather have depression than go through that again). It seems to me that my body has changed and I can't take the strong medications any more. I will in future only go on a medication at a low dose initially. But what medication will work? Has anyone any suggestions?