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Does anyone know what to take for ms & chronic back pain am in agony 24/7 & nothing seems to work?

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balbanese 21 May 2012

I would certainly point you in the direction of a physician on this one. If you were to get suggestions here that may lead you to a position when your making requests to a Dr, which is a big red flag. The last thing you want to do is walk in and start rattling off your own suggestions for pain meds/management.

Absolute best bet is to tell a Dr what you're going through and let them make the suggestions, then you can go from their with their cooperation rather than just leave empty handed. Hope this helps.

connolly65 21 May 2012

thanks for your comments what i didnt add is that i have had ms for about 7 yrs now and i honestly dont think the drs i have seen know a lot about the syptoms and the pain as the meds they gave me just didnt do anything for me and at the moment am on no meds at all

balbanese 21 May 2012

Wow, that's tough and I'm really sorry about that. All I can offer is you keep plugging away at it. I know from personal experience it can take a lot of perseverance to find the right Dr, and at that through frustration and pain. Hang in there.

kawright00 21 May 2012

I'm certainly not a doctor, so my advice is per my personal experience only.
I have had MS for 4 years and for the last year have been dealing with chronic hip pain as a result of a lasting symptom after a bad exacerbation.

I am currently on a medication for nerve pain, which is Cymbalta. And I also take a daily muscle relaxer.

So if you feel you doctor does not have the knowledge or cannot help you with your MS and associated pain, you should look into finding a new doctor. Because your MS is going to be with you for the rest of your life you should find someone that you are comfortable with giving you long term care.

HeadStarter 21 May 2012

Hi connolly...

I am sure you have been doing research. But just in case, you really do need to have a doctor following you. I would seek a neurologist to start. Do you have your medical records? You would want your new doctor brought up to speed as quickly as possible so make sure you get your medical records.

Start a journal if you don't have one and list things that have worked or helped you manage flares. Definitely list those things that you have been prescribed. You do need to be proactive in your care so doing nothing could be causing you more harm than just frustration. I know this is hard but stopping your meds because they didn't help maybe one of the reasons your symptoms have been exacerbated through the nerve receptors that are being attacked.

Inactive 22 May 2012

My first suggestion would to be to change doctors. We have another member that also has MS & suffers terribly She see a neurologist for her condition. Her name is ukliz. You can type in her name in the friends & friend her. I will try to alert her to your question & see if she is up to answering you. She is currently in the hospital, but I know she can be of great help to you. I wish you the best...

ukliz 22 May 2012

Hi, Sorry to hear your in so much pain, I can relate to what your going through. In fact the pain got so bad for me I was admitted into the hospital Yesterday. As to what advice I could give you for your pain, is have you tried Lyrica, Gabapentin. Have you tried heat, ice and the only other thing I can think of is the tens machine. Hope you feel better soon, Liz.

Inactive 22 May 2012

Thanks Liz for jumping in here. Hope you are feeling better today... Mary

ukliz 23 May 2012

Not so great, still in a lot of pain. Liz

Iris10 22 May 2012

first, do you have allergies? Are you on blood thinners? Do you have have any liver disease etc? Can you take ibuprofen? If you can take ibuprofen, try taking 3 Advils. It really helps with pain.

Inactive 24 Jun 2012

Advil for pain associated with MS?

KelliJay 23 Jun 2012

I have chronic back pain with my MS and the Dr. doesn't seem too interested in helping. I started acupuncture 3 months ago and my back is much better, in addition the chronic pain in my legs is gone. free discount card

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