I have a tendency to get car sick if I ride in the back but now I'm getting motion sickness when I ride in the front passenger seat. I'm also having headaches and stiff neck and shoulders. I'm taking ibuprofen every morning with my Contrave to try to stop the headaches. I started Contrave in on August 1st and by September 1st I was up to the max dosage. Today is October 2nd. I have lost 5 pounds and I am very happy as I have not been able to lose any weight no matter how hard I've tried in the past few months. I have noticed that it is really helping me to feel satisfied and I am able to leave food on my plate where before I never felt full. If anyone is motion sick or head-achy from Contrave do you think my symptoms will it go away in time as my body adjusts and if so how much longer until it will be better?