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Anyone tried misoprostol for abirtion while 6-12 weeks pregnant? what happened?

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endlessPred 29 Sep 2012

Anything you might use to induce an abortion could end up with you dead, a severe infection, huge blood loss, or make you infertile.

Don't be foolish. There is no easy way out. Go for help. There are many who will understand and help you through this. See a doctor or go to Planned Parenthood. They will give you the facts of your situation and help you through this.

nicpole12 30 Oct 2012

yeah i just did it at 19 weeks used at 8pm at 8am it was gone of course i went to the hospital to make sure everything went smoothly but yeah. The last comment was kinda harsh and obviously from someone who probably doesnt understand what you might be feeling or going through. good luck

endlessPred 31 Oct 2012

Um, I understand completely and I will tell you the stories of the girls who it failed for and how many had life altering responses. The truth is real. I understand abortion and why one will have that choice. I am pro choice. I know people who went through this. I understand the pain, fear, and desperation that can occur when in this situation. I also know about the counseling which can save a young woman from years of grief because they did not get support when they went forward. It is the support that Planned Parenthood gives a woman as well as a better understanding of how to protect their body.

MysteriousJ 22 Dec 2012

Here is my story... don't let anyone scare you let along discourage you from doing what you want to do sweetheart...

Jessica30 27 Aug 2013

Yes I did at 10 weeks and of course it was a bit painful but not so much if you can get a prescription to some strong prescription meds instead of over counter stuff But in 12 hours I felt like myself again really the strong pains will last about 6-7 hours then your cramps become like heavy menstrual cramps I bought my pills for cheap n they got the job done they were helpful and told me everything to expect check there site in the facts section herchoicesolutions . webs . com

endlessPred 30 Aug 2013

Hi Jessica. I am glad to hear you are doing well. When reading this again I realized I did not state things well. What I was trying to say is don't do this on your own. Use a group or physician. The dangers are real and the results can go wrong really quickly. Each time we are pregnant is different. Please know that I really care for you and want you to stay safe. Wasn't judging your choice. Safety was the concern. Hope you stay well. free discount card

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