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Has anyone gotten migraines when taking Effexor?

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ahyperdoc 1 Feb 2017

Not an actual migraine headache per se, but I get certain symptoms--especially right before my next dose of Effexor® is due--so more likely withdrawal effects that are like those in a classic migraine. My head will feel tight as if being squeezed but without true pain; I get visual disturbances, the seeing of lights and/or dots in my visual fields--auras. Also temporary blind-spots known as scotomas. What's most disturbing is the feeling of current--like a minor electric shock--whipping through my head when I track my eyes from side-to-side or blink; this can be accompanied by a whooshing noise which is rhythmically in-time with my eye movements. These things I just described are all features of migraine as well.

Karensebastian 1 Feb 2017

Thank You! But my migraines are somewhat different. I get the aura - lightning bolts- then the headache from the back of my neck to the top of my eye.

migrainesuf1166 1 Feb 2017

Gosh, I just started this and hope this isn't comon bc I have chronic headache and migraines. I have for over 20 years. I took Effexor years ago and never noticed them increasing but, interested in what others have to say.

chuck1957 2 Feb 2017

Karen; Here is a copy and paste on Effexor about Migraines and the chance this is in the area of if you just started this medication it could be more likely but if it continues beyond 2 weeks this problem should go away. here you are.(Very common (10% or more): Headache (up to 38%), dizziness (up to 20%), somnolence (up to 20%), fatigue (11%), nervousness (up to 10%)
Common (1% to 10%): Tremor, paraesthesia, twitching, hypertonia, migraine, Karen you well notice on this line it a list migraine but a 1% to 10% is not very high for this when you think of how many people take it. And then The other person worrying about it. You should not if you have been on this in the past this would be even rarer that you would get headaches or Migraines the second time around. good luck and hope this well help and if they do continue to check with your doctor.

Karensebastian 2 Feb 2017

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