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Has anyone ever taken Methotrexate for seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis? Side effects?

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srandjlsims 22 Sep 2012

I will be anxious to hear some answers as I have been diagnosed with this also and Dr wants to put me on that with Plaquenil in 3 months. I talked him out of starting the Methotrexate until I have been on Plaquenil for 6 months.

endlessPred 23 Sep 2012

Methotrexate is the usual drug people are started on for immuno suppression in autoimmune diseases. There are a whole series of drugs considered if it does not give the desired result. Until one tries it and the effects are noted as to whether it helps, other meds are usually not given. Two things control this decision, first your doctor is taking a conservative approach and not over treating. Second, is many insurance companies won't pay for other meds until this is tried. Sorry, but that is the reality of it.

pickles503 23 Sep 2012

Hi endlessPred. Good answer. Anna

Retiredelfin 24 Sep 2012

Thanks so much for this information. For the past 6 weeks I am on Prednisone 10mg each day and am feeling like I am loosing my mind. I cannot function and have been trying to tough it out without sharing this information with my doctor. One reason is that my level of physical pain has finally become bearable. I needed to see what info I could get about Methotrexate. Thanks again Karen.

endlessPred 24 Sep 2012

You are welcome. Prednisone is actually quite good at reducing pain as it reduces inflammation. It is a trade off. Helping your body heal is the best priority. You can get through a lot if you know the results. Do let your doctor know about the side effects you may have. There are meds to help with symptoms of they become too difficult.

srandjlsims 23 Sep 2012

Thanks!! As I have discussed before, I was a lot stressed over side effects, but I chose to let go what I cant control because I am having good luck so far with Plaquenil so adding Mexo... Is a little intimidating but am just wanting some NORMALCY!!!
I also cannot express how much I appreciate this site and all the positive people who have helped me and other strangers cope with sometimes overwhelming pain and trying to raise families, work and live, not just survive.

endlessPred 23 Sep 2012

Srandjl, Something else you should know. When methotrexate is used it is to reduce the use of other anti inflammatory meds and thereby reduce their side effects. The two together actually has been proven to give you less long range problems and better control. When a doctor adds a med like this it is because your current med is not quite making the changes he wants. My sister has your type of RA and they did the same with her. When that combination did not work they continued trying new meds. For some reason we keep changing our response with auto immune diseases and we have to keep changing the meds. Be prepared for that. This is not like a thyroid condition or something more stable. This is a degenerative disease and you will be having to go with what the doctor feels is best for the time being.

srandjlsims 23 Sep 2012

EndlessPred... yes, I am confident! He has helped save my sanity!! And he wasnt wrong in the last conversation, he has absolutely pegged, so far, every step of my recovery (as I term it). I told him last week that I really do see wonderful lights at the end of the tunnel of the last 7 years!! Positive thinking isnt ever that easy but it is necessary. thank you for our helpfulness and advice.

endlessPred 23 Sep 2012

Wonderful to hear. Keep the laughter in your life and joy in your heart. The light you seek is always there. Reaching for it gives us purpose.

Hope you get to chime in here from time to time to add your enthusiasm. Best wishes to you, Karen free discount card

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