i can hardly take the constant mouth movements, i have been recently been diagnosed
with bi-polar 2. i am terrified to take any meds outside klonapin which i have been on
for 30 years. i started getting side effects of td when i was on prestiq over a year ago
came off started feeling a little better after months. recently took viibryd 2 weeks before
christmas. since christmas day have been suffering once again with td symptoms. needless to say i am very concerned about taking any of the meds that are usually
taken for bi-polar. prestiq and viibryd are not usually classified to cause td, but most
bi-polar meds that i know of have caused td in many many cases. if anyone has any
information it would be greatly appreciated. i am 65 yrs old and i understand that sometimes age has something to do with td. feeling very hopeless at this point. thanks for being there, it certainly means alot.