It's been a week since I've stopped taking the citalopram. Just to let you all know, I was only on 2.5mg for five days but the anxiety was too much to the point where I was throwing up. The day that I stopped taking it was the worst I've ever felt. And after that I thought my anxiety was getting lighter because I was feeling a bit more in control (able to calm myself down better rather than not at all) but last night and today I feel anxious again and it's all I can think about so that makes it worse. Every day I think "this is the day I'll probably go to the hospital". Before starting the citalopram, whenever I got anxiety it was because I was anticipating it whenever I was out with friends because I was scared of panicking. I'm not sure if that's social anxiety or GAD, I was never diagnosed with specifics, just flat out anxiety. But now that I'm going through withdrawals, I'll be home and my body will start shaking or it just comes on. I get brain zaps throughout the day but the thing that really freaks me out is that I get this pressure in my head and it feels like my head is on fire or like it's overheating and it's pretty difficult to deal with. Is this normal after coming off this drug? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Also, I did the math and it should take about 11 days for this to be out of my system. However, I was on such a low dose for less than a week, shouldn't it be out of my system already or does that not make a difference? I just want as much feedback as I can get from others and share experiences in the hopes that this will shed some light and understanding on this.