I've been diagnosed with fibro for about a year now but it also took them a year to diagnose it! I've takes lots of drugs anti d's df118 codeine tramadol and gabapentin. I'm currently on tramadol, gapapentin and paracetamol. But neither of them work. They take a bit of pain away on your good days but I've noticed the flare ups are more frequent and more sever. Nothing touches the pain and it usually brings me to tears.
My mums a nurse so I had a chat with her. She mentioned Lycra... Apparently, after some research this drug is a more potent version of gabapentin. Pregablin (Lycra) has less side effects. It really tackles the pain so there is no need for painkillers on top.
I was wondering if any of you are on it? Does it work?

Thank you.
Libby :-)