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Anyone had any luck with remeron for depression/ anxiety?

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Packard2046 5 Feb 2014

Hi Hummingbirdgirl. I was on remeron about 3 years ago and did not have much luck with it. The only thing it did was increase my appetite, however I have friends who swear by it for depression and anxiety it appears to take 2 to 2 to 4 weeks to take effect according to them. How long have you been on it and what is the milligram dose?

hummingbirdgirl 5 Feb 2014

Will start it tonight. 15 mg

Packard2046 5 Feb 2014

That is the low end of the dose level it should help you sleep. Try it for a couple of weeks and you should notice some improvement in your depression. As I stated before I did"nt work for me me but seems to for most people I know who take it. Keep me posted on your progress Im interested since I"ve taken this drug myself. Best wishes to you.

Tessieb48 6 Feb 2014

Seek another avenue of medication!Remeron causes excessive weight gain.In 3 months I gained 90 lbs!!I did not eat any different. This medication should be removed from the market!!Ask your Dr for something else.

Brittanyrw2011 17 Feb 2014

Hi HummingBirdGirl,
I was on remeron in Oct and it was awful! I had no personality what so ever. I didn't care about anything, didn't laugh, didn't get upset. Honestly I felt like nothing if that makes sense. It did make me gain a large amount of weight. This medication is actually intended for cancer patients that are depressed and can't eat because their so sick. So this medicine will definitely make you hungry and sleepy or at least that's how I felt the whole time on it.

Mmei 17 Jan 2015

I just started it 7 days ago. 15mg. I also had to wean off Effexor because Effexor was making my depression and anxiety SO much worse. One week isn't very long. Doc said to give it two weeks and if not feeling benefit then she'll increase to 30mg. I've been dealing with anxiety and depression for 8 mo and was on Effexor for 5 of those! A lot if wasted time. I do feel a bit of a mood lift. Hang in there for at least 2 weeks and see how you're doing. Then if no improvement ask to increase. I'm only giving this med 4 weeks and if it doesn't do the trick I'm moving onto something else. Don't hang out like I did for months on a medication that isn't helping you free discount card

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