My daughter was just diagnosed 3/21/2013 with chronic pancreatitis, she is only 22 years old and has had it for about 14 years, she has been sick and in pain everyday of her life, first they thought it was food allergies, she is allergic to about everything, when she was 14 they told her it was IBS, when she was 20 she requested her gall bladder be removed which helped for a little while and the doctor told her the symptoms were in her head. Just because she did not have the pain in her back or radiating to her back. My husband saw a commerical on TV last week regarding a girl named Katie who had been sick for 5 years and in pain I don't know remember her story but she had a transplant and she was better. My husband told me that her symptoms sounded a lot like our daughters symptoms my daughter is also named Katie but my daughter has been sick a lot longer. We called UNMC hospital ourselves and he did an ultrasound of her pancreas and took a biopsy and she has chronic pancreatitis. We don't really have the diet thing down yet, she ate a piece of pizza and took 3 creon pills 15 minutes before she ate and thought she would not get sick if she took the pills. Can anyone give us some tips.