Hi, I've been on several meds over the last ten years for depression/anxiety/bipolar.and now my doctor has put me on topiramate 50 mg. Today is my sixth day. I have taken the 50 mg for 5 days and will take it two pills now for 7 days. until it is increased to 150 mg. I had to ask for a med change because of all the weight gain I've had. I was previously on depakote 1000 mg and am now off that medicine since i've started topamax. I wanted to know if anyone is taking the same medication I am and is losing weight. I am currently weighing 260 lbs. It is very depressing as I've never been this heavy before. I am trying to eat less and hoping I won't have an apetite like before but it is hard to control at times. I appreciate in advance any help or response to my question. Have a great day. God bless :)