I live overseas and have lived abroad for 6 years. I am the "sponsor" and am a civilian working in a high ranking position. My husband accompanies me and is my dependent. I know for a fact that he has long-term addiction problems to oxycodone and Musaril (benzodiazapine). It has been going on the entire duration of our relationship/marriage (married 7 years). He is 10 years older than me and really did a magnificent job of lying to me over the years (I have recently unveiled a string of very serious lies not restricted to prescription drug use). I have woken up, and I know that I need to leave. I have bent over backwards trying to "help" him and make this work. I have watched him lose all his friends over the years, estrange relationships with his family, and now I have had enough as well. However, I am in a bind as I do not know how to proceed living overseas. I do not have money saved up and have gotten into a bad habit of investing in him to try to make him happy (it doesn't work). Do I need to wait years until I have the 20 grand that I have been quoted in a complicated case like this to proceed in international courts? Is there an easier way to do this and leave now with my children? The catch here is that his foreign doctor prescribes him these drugs. The good thing is that I have claimed all on my insurance, so I have documentation of his chronic usage of these pills over the years (he used to take methadone consistently). I am asking for serious responses only: Is there action I can take immediately to leave my husband for this reason while working from abroad on a military installation? He is not military. He is solely my dependent.