I would actually like to find a kind of doctor or dentist who might be able to understand the horrors of BMS. I have taken almost every cream, gel, rinse, available for this condition, and no luck. I have seen 3 different kinds of doctors, from NJ- Miami , and all of them are clueless about this terrible, painful condition. Mostly, because they don't know anything about this disease, these people try to 'pass the buck", see this specialist, see that specialist, all to no avail. I cannot take some of the antipressants mentions mentioned, like amytryptaline, or Klonapin, nothing else has helped- does anyone know where I can go for help, to see someone who has actually had experience with this crushing condition ? I live in central NJ, but I would go anywhere in the world, if some professional could help me! I am beyond desperate.
Bev Dolgin