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If anyone has had a kidney transplant, did dr. say u had to be on bactrim forever?

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ab_didj 20 Sep 2012

Hi there... yes I have been asked to take it forever also. I asked what the stats were for people getting Prophylaxis, he said 6 out of 300 patients had developed the illness even after having had transplant for a long time. Apparently it is unusual for people to ge this late in transplant years, so are giving across the board to all patients. I asked if it was compulsory, and saud no, but I could get very sick if I didnt take the Bactrim. I said I wanted to research more, so here we are. I am really not keen on this drug... On top if the immunosuppressive drugs, it would upset my system a lot. Any info much appreciated.

dinny 23 Oct 2013

I am also on bactrim for life - Not happy but after getting pcp pneumonia and ventilated (transplant) small price to pay. I thini it is now common practice for all transplant recipients to be on in

transplant2118 3 Mar 2017

I was initially told I had to take it forever too after my kidney transplant. Then, 5 years after my transplant, my nephrologist told me I could stop taking it, so you don't have to take it forever. I believe her because I saw the transplant team for a year or two until they referred me to a nephrologist - after a year or two, the transplant team doesn't need to see you if you're doing well with the transplant. You should also check the side affects of Bactrim and kidney problems. free discount card

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