I am a 65-year-old woman and have had PV for 16 years and treated it mostly with regular phlebotomies every 4-6 weeks along with Warfarin therapy. I worked full-time during the first 13 years of the disease until recently. In 2015, I came down with Shingles, a DVT and PE and my hematologist put me on Hydroxyurea (500mgs) and Xarelto (20mgs). When my hematologist retired, I started with a new one at a hospital cancer center in 2016 and he increased the Hydroxy which brought my hematocrit and platelets down to more reasonable numbers. Things were going okay until I cut my right ankle accidentally back in May, got a staph infection in it and went on 3 antibiotics to treat the cellulitis that had developed. It's been two full months and my wound still is not healed completely. My current hematologist took me off the hydroxyurea right away when he became aware of my unhealing wound. Apparently, Hydroxyurea impedes wound healing so if any of you are taking it, you should be aware of that. I had no problem until I had the wound and the infection. So at this point, my hematologist wants me to start Jakafi and I am very nervous about it. I am supposed to start on Monday the 20th and then go back for more labs in two weeks. I will be taking 10 mgs of Jakafi twice a day. Has anyone had any positive experience with Jakafi or if negative, what types of issues have you had? Any feedback is most appreciated.